Hello! I’m a graphic/digital Designer based in London, and I apply some design to web, apps, logos, brands, products or almost everything you put in my hands.



I’m a creative, graphic and digital designer based in London since 2010. Strongly passionate about technology and design, and the way it interacts with us in our lives.

With a Spanish background, I moved to this great city looking for growing as a professional. We could say, that I’ve been designing since 2004, loving what I do. I have over 5 years agency experience, such Weapon7, Crehaz Comunication or Grupo IMCO in which I have learned many of the concepts and experience necessary to start a personal independent graphic studio project named a2creativos in the past.

At the moment, I’m enjoying every single moment in my actual job at Global Radio, combining this with an Lead Designer role in a Startup company based in Los Angeles, helping to create the best professional and creative team.

“It’s not the tools that you have faith in – tools are just tools. They work, or they don’t work. It’s people you have faith in or not.”

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I’m a music lover, but obviously, I can’t begin to pick a favourite record, if you like music you’ll know that there’s a song for every moment. Also, I like photography, and everything related with technology and the way how it interact with our lives, and sometimes you can even find me playing guitar. Design is my love, but also scape into nature, painting, cooking good food & a glass of good wine are the things that I like to do when I want to relax.

As you can see, it´s not too much, but I’m hat kind of people who thinks that the little details may end up turning in to to the things that leads you trough correct way.

If you’d like to know even more you can have a look into my Flickr account or contact me.